"Reminiscences of the Red River Expedition by a Volunteer of the Ontario Battalion."

This Riel Rebellion compilation is 10 hand tinted, wood engraved images on 1 page with the original descriptions:

  1. Fort Garry
  2. Squaws and papooses
  3. The sentinel's evening visitor
  4. Indian loafers
  5. An Indian dog team
  6. Dusky Loungers
  7. Indian "Dolce far Niente"
  8. An aboriginal gentleman
  9. Casting sheep's eyes
  10. Little Fort Garry


  • This piece was published by the Canadian Illustrated News on 2/9,1871.
  • This is the original printed in 1871 on paper.
  • The image is matted and glazed in a gilt-wood frame.
  • Size: 21" x 16"

This image is very scarce.