Uniquely designed by master artisan Michiko Nakamura with a strong connection to nature - iron filings from a Lake Ontario beach on one side and a wood-ash wash on the other make this a timeless piece which will enhance the appearance of any room.

Handmade Clay Sculpture Vase #2 Details

Artist - Michiko Nakamura

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  • Materials: Porcelain clay, iron filings, raw local clay, wood ash wash.
  • Technique: Hand-built, Electric kiln fired, 2400F
  • Dimensions: 9" x 10" x 2";
  • Features: Iron filings from a Lake Ontario beach mixed with found clay are presented on one side of this sculpture, the reverse side is natural clay.
  • Use: Waterproof

NOTE: Depending on where you live – there may be a shipping/packaging surcharge due to the fragility of the sculpture. We will advise you before confirming the purchase.

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