Landscape artist in oils and etcher Zsolt Nagy was born in August 1937 Budapest, Hungary, into an artistic family. His mother was an artist and his father an architect for the Hungarian government. His ability began to show at an early age and he graduated from the Budapest Academy of Fine Art, June 1956.

At the age of eighteen during the uprising he chose to leave Hungary for Vienna, Austria, eventually immigrating to Canada March 1957. He studied History of Art and restoration techniques at Queens University for two years. In June 1959, he relocated to Toronto to pursue a career as a full time artist specializing in oil portraits and carefully constructed land and seascapes  that capture the nostalgia of Canadian seasonal life. He also executed a small number of etchings.

With over 100 commissioned works completed by 1976, he completed ‘The Potato Man’ 22 x 32” Oil on canvas, which was purchased by the Mazelow Gallery and later exhibited at the Simpson Tower, Chicago. Between 1978 and 1981 he travelled across Canada in order to expand his knowledge of his adopted country, he remained some time in Vancouver eventually returning to Toronto.

Over some 30 years he executed numerous private commissions, his largest commission being in 1970 from the Valhalla Inn group for 85 oil paintings, He also participated in group shows and held a one man show at the Variety Club, Toronto which included some 20 etchings being limited editions of land and seascapes. He had a Brampton address for a number of years.