Purchase Price Guarantee Policy

Dear Client:

The price you pay for any of the art pieces in the Creative Collection Canada online art gallery represents the best estimate of the market value of the individual piece at the time of sale.

While prices of art pieces will fluctuate over time according to market demand and perception of value, we are confident that the price you pay for any piece will not decrease and we are willing to stand behind this statement.

If, for any reason, you wish to dispose of a work of art which you have purchased from Creative Collection please contact us. We will offer to repurchase the piece at the price we sold it to you, less a 25% restocking fee.

This offer is valid for 3 years beyond the date of purchase.

If you agree to re-sell the piece please ship it to us prepaid and if the piece is in as good a condition as when it was sold we will issue you a cheque for the agreed amount.

Our shipping address is:

Creative Collection Canada
743 Oak Hill Road
Campbellcroft, Ontario
L0A 1B0