Photographer's Comment

Creative photography goes beyond merely recording and requires the artist to be involved in and conveying their feelings about a subject. It may involve experimenting with new ideas and techniques that go beyond the simple photograph, such as adding and rearranging content, colour and lighting, or composing a montage, among an endless variety of options. Or it may be as straight forward as capturing a mood by using good composition, line, form and light with little, if any, intervention.

Today’s digital technology allows the creative photographer to use and experiment with tools, techniques and applications not previously available to artists working only with film. My work often takes advantage of this technology. It reflects what I “see” or envision when I press the camera shutter, not necessarily what the camera “sees” through its lense. To me, this is the same process a painter follows when putting brush to canvas. The result shouldn’t just mimic what is there.

About Peter Adamson

Peter graduated in 1999 from Ryerson University's Certificate Program in Still Photography Studies.

Recent awards include:

  • 2017 - Beaux-Arts Gallery, Brampton, Open Juried Photography Show, Honourable Mention
  • 2014 - Uxbridge Celebration of the Arts, annual open juried art exhibition, Honourable Mention
  • 2012 - Society of Canadian Artists, annual open juried art exhibition, Award of Merit
  • 2010 - Neilson Park Creative Centre, annual open juried "Impact" art show, 2nd Prize
  • 2009 - Neilson Park Creative Centre, annual open juried "Impact" art show, 1st Prize
  • 2002 - Art Gallery of Peel, annual open juried art show, Jurors' Award.
In addition to the locations and galleries noted above, he has exhibited his work at
  • The Latcham Gallery in Stouffville,
  • The Art Gallery of Mississauga,
  • Leonardo Galleries in Yorkville in Toronto,
  • John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto,
  • Papermill Gallery, Toronto  
  • Magic Door Gallery, Sunderland Ontario.

 His work has been purchased by Canadian Standards Association, Canadian Federation of Independent Business and CPA Ontario.

Peter lives in Toronto, Ontario..