I Want You To Enjoy Your Home As Much As I Enjoy Mine

When asked why I operate an online art gallery my answer is always the same - I want you to enjoy your home as much as I enjoy mine.

I want you to use your home as a retreat from everyday life. I want you to always feel good about your home. I want you to look forward to the time each day when you return home and enter the front door of your home. I want you to have a beautiful home. I want you to enjoy your home as much as I enjoy mine.

This can be best achieved by art. Art on the walls, art on the floor, art on tables. Art on stands. Art everywhere!

I am not discounting the need to have fine furniture, tasteful colours and nice floor coverings – but art is the coup de grace, the one thing that brings a wall, a room, a hall to life. Not only is art the essential element of a beautiful home but it can be moved anywhere, can’t be damaged and it never wears out.

That is why I created my gallery – to provide you with a way to buy good quality original art at whatever price you are comfortable with, knowing that each piece has been chosen based on expert artistic criteria.

Many of us just don’t feel comfortable buying art since we have not been exposed to it in a significant way nor do we have the slightest feeling for what any one piece of art is worth.

I want to allay those fears by providing every homeowner with honest and unbiased information, education and advice about art for your home.

I welcome whatever questions you have and please use our services whether it be for in-home viewing, art planning or home décor.

Who I Am

My name is Ken Morden and I am the Managing Director of Creative Collection Canada.

I have been collecting art my entire adult life and describes myself as an “amateur” who just enjoys the experience of seeing good art in my home. My collection is very eclectic and ranges from sculpture to pottery to oil, watercolor and acrylic paintings and glass art.

Lately I have been buying art pieces from local artists in Northumberland County in Ontario, Canada both to support the local art community and because the quality of the pieces is remarkable. My wife, Caroline, has also collected art for years but with an entirely different taste leaning more towards landscapes and some semi-abstract pieces.

The walls in each room in our home are covered with art pieces which not only provide great viewing pleasure but also stimulate discussions from visitors to their home.

Weekly Original Art Blog

I publish a weekly blog dedicated to helping people make their living space a very personal home decor statement. 

Our Choices

All the pieces in our gallery have been evaluated for value, design, quality, appeal and timeliness.

The objective is to display pieces that have a universal appeal by featuring the best the Canadian creative community can offer.

Who Are Our Artists?

In Canada there are over 30,000 people who are classified as Artists or Artisans. They create things that have never existed before and are rarely if ever copied.
We review the body of work for a great number of artists and chooses a limited number whose items appear in the catalogue.