A Torontonian by birth, Winchell Addison Price grew up surrounded by the trees of a large tract of land overlooking the Credit River.

At the O.C.A. he studied under Fred Haines, G.A. Reid and J.W. Beatty, exhibiting his first painting at the Ontario Society of Artists at age 19. His friendship with Beatty led to Price becoming a founding member of the Port Hope Art School (1927-31).

He later established his own studio at Forest Hill, then on the outskirts of Toronto. A regular exhibitor at the Art Gallery at Eaton's, College St. 1936-84; Laing Galleries, Port Credit Library 1965-70;  Tom Thompson Memorial Gallery. He was elected a member of the OSA. in 1941 and ARCA. in 1947, exhibiting regularly at the RCA 1928-1951. 

The “Canadian Scene” could be used to describe Price’s work: brilliant paintings of spring and studies of nature; skyscapes, being a speciality with cloud formations calmly displaying anticipation; seascapes of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay; landscapes covering every aspect of the change of seasons. Winchell Price’s sketchbooks, numbering hundreds, tell a story of a life dedicated to the recording of the beauty of Rural Ontario, and later Vancouver Island, untethered by life’s harsh realities.  His objective landscapes, skyscapes and seascapes depict the serenity and dramatics in a very traditional, beautiful and personal way.

Many of his works hang in collections throughout the world – in England, the United States, India, China, Africa and other locales