Do you have other art pieces similar to what is shown in your gallery?

Yes – we only show a limited selection of each artist’s work but can help find other pieces by that artist or subject that you may find more appealing. Just contact us at

How do you arrange packaging and shipping?

Once we receive your order we arrange for the piece to be securely packaged to prevent any damage in transit and then organize the shipping to your delivery address. If your address is in Ontario we may deliver the item personally.

Can I order any piece “on approval”?

We have a “Shop at Home” service. We will arrange to deliver the item/piece you wish to preview to your home or office. The cost is $50/item or piece. If you choose to keep the item the $50 will be refunded to you. You can include 2 items from the same artist.

How do I pay for the piece I want?

We accept all recognized credit cards. Payment must be made before shipping but if you are not satisfied with your purchase we offer a full money back guarantee.

Do I need to create an account before purchasing?

No – we only require a credit card payment – no personal details are captured nor do we send out unsolicited e mails or notices.

How can I be sure that the piece I purchase is authentic?

We personally know each artist whose work we display and each piece you purchase comes with a certificate of authenticity signed and dated by the artist. If you have purchased a Canadiana art piece we will supply provenance.