Doug Johnson's Comment.

"Photography has the power to inspire, educate and evoke memories. I strive to take photographs that hold the viewer"s interest and get them emotionally involved in the memories it evokes or the unresolved narrative it suggests.

My most satisfying work is street photography. I slowly worked my way to this interest over 50 years starting when I was hitchhiking around Europe with my father’s 35mm Ansco bellows camera. Photography courses at Ryerson University fifteen years ago exposed me to the amazing photographers who documented their culture at street level capturing life it all its moods. I was captivated and from then on concentrated on this approach, roaming the streets of wherever I happened to be.

As a result of my photography, I have developed a heightened interest and awareness of the beauty, mystery and humour in our daily life in the world around us. It is my challenge to convey my photographic interpretation in a way that will enrich the viewer."

Doug Johnson

Doug is a resident of Cobourg, Ontario and has been photographing street scenes for over 50 years.

In addition to his self-acquired knowledge and skills, Doug has taken many photography courses at Ryerson University, George Brown College and photographic workshops.

As evidence of his talent, Doug has won a great number of prizes and awards from Cottage Life magazine, University of Toronto Faculty Club, Prince Edward County Studio Tour, Art Gallery of Northumberland, and the SPARK Photo Festival.

Doug is now a full-time photographer and travels the country looking for those special situations where he can turn the scene in front of him into a work of art.