Brandy Saturley

Brandy Saturley paints Canadian Contemporary Realism inspired by Canadian culture and sport including; goalie masks, Canadian athletes, the Canadian flag, the Montreal Canadiens, Alberta Rockies, and Canadian wildlife. She is a prolific painter and has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions at art fairs, in public and private art galleries, and in unique corporate venues across Canada.

“I refer to my painting style as ‘Canadian Contemporary Realism’, formed using a narrative process. With my compositionsI focus on symbolism, dynamic structure, and a bold use of colour to communicate the story. My compositions are influenced by historical art, flags, sportswear, design, native culture, and the details of nature.” 

Saturley's work has been featured in numerous publications, Canadian websites and blogs including; Reader's Digest, Our Canada Magazine, Galleries West Magazine, Forbes, EMBOSS Magazine, SALT Magazine, Visual Overture Magazine, Art Avenue Magazine, Canmore Leader News, Monday Magazine, A-Channel News, CHEK 6 TV Island 30, CityTV Vancouver, Sportsnet. 

Brandy was born in Victoria, British Columbia and her studio is located on Vancouver Island.