Original Oil Paintings

Oil painting is the most prevalent form of art available and we have a wide selection representing the best that Canadian artists have to offer. Our price range is quite wide and the pieces are excellent value and represent superb artistic skill. A wide range of artists are featured, including some very well known artists.

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"Fall Landscape With Birches" - Oil painting for sale


Oil Painting - "Fall Landscape With Birches"  A typical Ontario fall scene with the turning birch leaves catching the waning sunlight, a snake fence and meadow. Painted ca. 1940 typical of this Ontario landscape painter who studied with Franz Johnston. Favourite locations, for Willis, were on the Bruce Peninsula and in the vicinity of Belleville. Artist: William Harry Willis (Canadian 20th...

"Road To Beach" - Oil painting for sale


Oil Painting - "Road To Beach, Lake Mazinaw"  This early fall lake landscape is a good example of his lake scenes. In this instance the road to the beach at Bon Echo park on the shore of Lake Mazinaw, Ont. Artist: Otto Planding (Canadian 1887-1964) Details Signed (Bottom Left) Oils on masonite, liner, Period gilt-wood and stain frame. Size: 12 x 16"  (50.8 x...

"Pensive Pool" - Oil painting by Clifton Greer, Canadian painter


 Artist's Comments “a great painting should hold the mirror up to life, reflecting an enhanced beauty,i.e. truth without distortion.” A pleasing afternoon lit snow scene with the light reflecting of a quiet river pool.  This painting was exhibited at the annual exhibition of Peel County painters.  (mouse-over to see details)  Artist - Clifton Wellington Greer  In-Home Preview Available - Click...

L'Islet (oil painting)


Artist's Comment: "It's the back road kind of experience that has always influenced my art. One of my favourites, in the province of Quebec, has always been that stretch of scenic highway that follows the south shore of the St. Lawrence between Levis and Riviere-du-Loup. At times I've even been lucky enough to pass through riverside villages like L'Islet when...

Sullen Shore, Heather Beach (oil painting)


Artist's Comment: "The Atlantic Shores of Nova Scotia often display rapidly changing moods; they can go from savage to serene to sullen in a matter of moments before your very eyes." Artist:  Michael Everett Glover A Canadian landscape oil painting by a well-known Canadian artist - Michael Everett Glover. The location of this work is Heather Beach in Nova Scotia....

Oyster Bay Fantasy (oil painting)


Artist's Comment: "When I drove out to Vancouver Island this past summer, I was gratified to see that, unlike B.C.'s lower mainland, there were still plenty of places like Oyster Bay on the Strait of Georgia where I could park for free and spend some time exploring the beaches at my leisure." Artist:  Michael Everett Glover A Canadian seascape oil...

On The Crowsnest Line (Oil Painting)


Artist's Comment: "The Canadian Pacific's southern mainline no longer reaches the Pacific, but lies abandoned west of the town of Castlegar, B.C. What does remain, however, is still a busy railway line, as this view at Pincher Station, Alberta will attest." Artist:  Michael Everett Glover A Canadian prairie landscape oil painting by well-known Canadian artist - Michael Everett Glover. The...

Old Friends #2


Artist's Comment: "You never know what you might come upon while walking through a train yard on a quiet day. Maybe even a couple of weather-beaten friends clasping hands." Artist:  Michael Everett Glover A study of Canadian railroading - 2 railcars coupled together at rest. The location of this work is Brockville, Ontario. Size: 48" x 36"  Medium: Oil on...

The Mine Head (oil painting)


Artist's Comment: "I'm not sure what was mined in this town, but I suspect that it was probably asbestos. At the time I came upon this seemingly derelict structure some years ago, I didn't really care much about its function, just that it looked interesting and that it would probably make a good subject for a painting." Artist:  Michael Everett...

Frozen Sundown (oil painting)


Artist's Comment: "I don't make a habit of driving the Lake Superior route of the Trans-Canada highway in the middle of winter, but when I did so a few years ago, I certainly saw things in a different light. I suppose that old trucks tend to hibernate for the winter just as many animals do." Artist:  Michael Everett Glover A...

End Of The Line (oil painting)


Artist's Comment: "When you drive the most northerly road that you can possibly take from British Columbia to Alberta, you'll eventually enter the village of Hine's Creek. This was where a branch line of the now abandoned Northern Alberta Railway once served several grain elevators before the trains turned around and headed back east again. Several freight cars and a...

At Rest, Blind River


Artist's Comment: "The section of highway 17 that follows the north channel of Lake Huron is a pleasant and restful drive, one of those roads that are dotted with many small and interesting villages. Blind River is one of the larger towns on the route, but it thankfully never seems to grow any larger or more urbanized with the passing...