"I Bought It Because I Liked It – Now Where Do I Put It?"

The New Painting

"This is exciting - I just bought an artpiece that I fell in love with and can hardly wait to place it in my home. Oh, I kind of forgot - I have a lot of artwork already, now what do I do?"

Lots Of Advice

There are any number of websites and experts who can give you advice about how to place and hang your art. Interestingly, most of the articles I see seem to assume that we are starting from scratch but very few of us are. We already have art pieces in our home.

And those existing art pieces need to move over and make room for the new resident. You may have to compromise somewhat because most, if not all of your existing art pieces are all loved - but, something has to give!

10 Guidelines

Here are some guidelines that may help you place your newest art piece where it gives you constant pleasure every time you see it.

  1. The first and most important guide is to identify the existing pieces that you just cannot move. No point in agonizing over where they can move if you really don’t want them to move.
  2. The second to follow may seem obvious - hang your artwork where it can be best seen so that it gives you the most pleasure!
  3. Grouping larger and smaller pieces helps to create interest and energy. The same is true for vertical and horizontal pieces in the same grouping.
  4. Don’t hang a too-small piece of art in a place that obviously calls for something larger.
  5. Avoid hanging the exact same type of art on every wall in every room of your home.
  6. Not every wall needs to be filled with an art piece.
  7. Hang things securely.
  8. Experiment with different places to put art – on the floor, on chair-rails, on shelves. You get the idea.
  9. When you are grouping four or more pieces, one above the other, you should consider a vertical line, meaning that the art should be visually balanced on both sides of an imaginary vertical line.
  10. Keep your art away from the bathroom, the space above the fireplace or the wall across from the picture window. Some media are more prone to fading in natural light.

Have fun.

  • April 23, 2019
  • Ken Morden

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