Why A Montreal Medical Association is Handing Out Prescriptions To See Original Art

Healthy? Blame It On Original Art in Your Home

By Brandy Saturley, Visual Artist

Do We Really Need Another Clock or Mirror On The Wall?

You have a new home, you are renovating an existing home, or you want to give your home an interior facelift. Many begin this process by choosing wall colours and then buy items that can be integrated into existing furnishings. Often, we are too busy, or we are working within budget constraints, so we forget about taking the time to search for unique décor items for our rooms. We run to a popular home décor store and pick up some inexpensive prints or mirrors to hang. Favorites of the décor set are often clocks and mirrors. But do we really need another clock or mirror on our walls? In our digital world we always know what time it is and while mirrors have some merit for bringing light into small spaces, are we really that vain?

What if it was as easy as logging on to your favourite online home retailer and what if your budget only had to stretch a tiny bit to acquire something that would increase in value? Do you want to be surrounded by the standard contemporary décor, that all your friends have in their homes? You know the kind, decorated in neutral tones and conservative in its uses of colour and décor. What if you added a few unique pieces that stirred the senses, that added interest and that encouraged discussion and discovery. What if the décor in your home actually influenced your life and the lives of anyone who enters the room? This is what original art can do.

Original art is a passionate and uplifting conversation, that speaks to you. The items you select to adorn your most precious space, your home, are an extension of you and your inner creativity. Original art offers you the ability to express yourself, much like the clothing you select.

So why would you buy that inexpensive abstract print that matches the couch, when you can invest in something that expresses who you are, in a very individual and distinct way? Not to mention hunting for the right piece of art, its great fun!

Eight Reasons To Add Original Art To Your Home

We have put together eight reasons why you should add original art to your home;

1. It Adds Movement – Art can be used to add movement into a room, creating a rhythm between your walls and your furnishings. The art ‘talks’ to the other elements in the room and makes for an engaging environment where people will want to languish, making the room feel less stark.

2. Art Adds Beauty – whether painted using vivid colours, or soft tones, art is beautiful. With original artwork and paintings, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the brushstrokes, textures, shapes and patterns of a well painted original piece of art. Whether a painting of a beach scene or abstract shapes, art brings real tangible beauty to your environment, and we could all use more beauty in our lives.

3. Art creates ambiance – with original art comes the mood of the subjects and tone of the work as created by the artist, much like listening to music, original art sings. Nothing in your home will affect the mood quite like a finely crafted original piece of art, with the depth of the tones and the focal point of the piece. Art is silent ambiance that can be enjoyed anytime of day or night without disrupting your family. Art creates a private oasis where productivity flourishes and a good book can be absorbed. Art can also set a lively tone for the room where you entertain, with bold colours and movement. The possibilities are endless in creating the perfect environment using original art.

4. It Can Be Changed – the wonderful thing about collecting art is there are so many options out there and once you get started you will want to continue adding new works to your collection. It is much more challenging to change your wall colours, your furniture or even your floor coverings, but art is as easy as pick it up and move it to another space. A rotating art collection can be a great way to keep your home fresh and engaging, and it’s an investment! Whether large or small, you can find high quality original art at any price point to change up your space.


5. It’s a Conversation Starter – a great piece of art is a natural conversation starter; a great piece of art offers new things to discover in varying lights of day and for years to come. Whether abstract or representational, art offers discovery, humour, drama and beauty. Inspire the audience at your next cocktail party, family dinner or game night by offering an opportunity to engage with the art. The discussion will provide memories and moments enjoyed for years to come.

6. It Adds to the Value of Your Home – we have all heard that original art is a great investment, it is the only investment that increases in value, while making your home more beautiful and in turn a better investment. Recently I had a collector put their home on the market, not only did they re-paint the walls to enhance the original art collection, the art collection helped to sell the home, with the buyer also asking if they could acquire the art on the walls. The seller did decline selling their art collection but were pleased that the art helped to create discussion and buzz about the home. The ambiance felt by those touring the home, made the sale come quickly.

7. It’s Décor that Increases in Value – as mentioned earlier, original art increases in value – that décor art you can find at your favourite home store, that does not increase in value, and yes you can find great original art for an affordable price. Original art can also be financed just like the furniture you buy online, and in some cases you can write-off those payments – so why not buy an appreciating décor asset, that is beautiful and lasting.

8. Art appreciation is good for your health – whether it’s a live concert, or a walk through a museum, art makes us feel good, so good in fact that in Canada they have begun writing prescriptions for museums instead of medications, I know you think I am kidding, but it is true. Recently an article was posted on the “An afternoon of art may offer serotonin mood boost, and welcome distraction from chronic pain. “We know that art stimulates neural activity," MMFA director Nathalie Bondil tells CBC News. "What we see is that the fact that you are in contact with culture, with art, can really help your well-being." Thanks to the campaign, members of the Montreal-based medical association Médecins francophones du Canada(MdFC) can hand out up to 50 museum prescriptions enabling patients and a limited number of friends, family and caregivers to tour the MMFA for free. Without a prescription, admission can cost as much as $23 Canadian dollars, or roughly $18 U.S. dollars.”

So next time you want to freshen up a room or re-design an entire house, think about the merits of owning an original piece of art. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.



  • February 08, 2019
  • Brandy Saturley

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