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If Buying Art is Emotional, Shouldn’t You Talk To the Artist?

People buy art in many ways. Some just like a piece and purchase it without further thought. Other people study a number of pieces, reflect on what it is they find attractive and then buy the one that they most like.

For a number of people, the purchase of a piece of art is dependent upon a conversation with the artist. They want to understand what the artist had in mind, how the piece was created, why the piece was created and more. This they can only acquire from talking in person to the artist.

Personal Tours – Talk to the Artist - Saturday November 16. 2019 10AM - 3PM

We arrange visits for our clients to meet and talk to the artists and look at the inventory of art that the artists have finished and are for sale. This always takes place in the artist’s studio.

We sponsor private visits to the artists we represent and often combine this with a journey through the neighbouring countryside and possibly lunch at a local restaurant. The number of people is limited to a maximum of 4 so that each person can have an intimate discussion with the artist. There is no obligation to purchase. (tour cost is $10 per person, lunch not included)

The current tour is scheduled for Saturday November 16, 2019 @ 10:00 AM in Port Hope.If you are interested please click here.

  • October 23, 2019
  • Ken Morden

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