How To Teach Art to Children

How To Teach Art to Children

Avoid the “I’m tired – when are we going to leave this museum?”.

Every day your family sees the art on your walls or on your tables. And it’s probably a safe assumption to make that the children pay little attention to what is on the walls.

On the other hand, you have spent a good deal of time and money making your home as visually exciting as you can. How do you get family members, especially the children, to appreciate and enjoy the images on the walls?

The Benefits

When you look around, no matter where you are, you will see art. It comes in many forms—paintings, photographs, sculptures, body art, architecture, and more! The list is endless! You can find it in your home and workplace, in books and games, in nature and on city buildings. Everywhere you look at, you are sure to find one form of art or another.

So, appreciating art should be an important part of education, regardless of age. But why do we need to study art?

  • Firstly, it gives us an insight into a period in history, whether it is the subject or reflects the period when the artist lived.
  • Secondly, art can show us other cultures and history.
  • Thirdly, art will stimulate thought, a different perspective and a need to “listen” to what the artist is saying.
  • And lastly and most importantly, art will evoke feelings of joy, sadness, anger, pain – all the human emotions we hope to instil in our offspring.

Teaching Young People

This is a difficult task but we have books to the rescue. For example here is one called CANADIAN ART IDEAS GRADES 2-4  by Demetra Turnbull. It has activities inspired by Canadian artists and contains subjects such as texture, symmetry, line design, geometric shapes, drawing people and using dough to make structures. 

Just go to to order this book and other ones.

Art Appreciation – An Idea and 7 Tips

Art appreciation can best be done by visiting art museums – but there is a problem! Few children, whatever the age, would not put this activity as their first (or second or third) choice for a place to visit. And if they do go, how long before you hear the dreaded words “I’m tired” or “When are we leaving?”

Not to worry – other people have faced the same problem. One parent has taken to turning a museum visit into a game – go the gift shop first, let each child choose 1 or 2 postcards of a museum painting and then ask them why they chose it. After they have answered set them the task of finding “their” painting in the museum. Click here to see the full article. 

There are a great number of articles and guidance about teaching children art appreciation. Here is one of the best – 7 Tips For Teaching Your Kids To Appreciate Art Museums.

A Family Affair

A family that appreciates and finds enjoyment in the art in their home is what really counts – hopefully you will find that rather than ignoring the art surrounding them, your children actually contribute to decisions to purchase art in the future.

  • January 15, 2019
  • Ken Morden

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