Buying Fine Art - Buy Better Over Time

Sculpture #4 - Clay Vase by Michiko Nakamura 

Fine Art - Learn As You Purchase

Humans are emotional creatures, and we make our purchasing decisions based on how products promise to make us feel. Art is something you feel instantly before purchasing the work, so you can never see too much or start too early.

The More The Better

I also believe that the more art you see, the better your eyes get trained in what is good art. You will probably start off buying very simple art and over time recognize that some of it just isn’t very good or pleasurable. Art is the same as literature – children’s books were great when you were a child but as an adult you look for something more substantial.

Make Mistakes

Above all - don’t worry about making mistakes and ending up with something you just hate. You can easily dispose of the offending piece by selling it, storing it, giving it away or even trashing it.
I would also suggest that the pieces you don’t like  - are likely not to have cost you very much money!

  • April 19, 2019
  • Ken Morden

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