Artwork Is Acquired Over Time (#4 in a series)

Road To The Beach (Planding)

Acquiring Original Art - A Lifelong Project

Acquiring original art should be a lifelong project. Our tastes change, our art knowledge improves, new artists appear, our budget changes and opportunities to acquire original art can come anytime.

Your home shouldn’t be a static place – frozen in time. You change with age, why not change your artwork in your home over time to reflect the real you.

Continuous Home Decorating

Very few of us have the opportunity to start redecorating our home from scratch. The reality is that we decorate our home in starts and stops – when furniture or floor coverings wear out, when our walls need a new paint job, when we outgrow our current living space, etc.

Keep looking at art sources – studios, art galleries, online galleries, art in the park, artists you meet, friends’ homes. You don’t have to buy anything but the more you see the better your next purchase will be.

  • April 03, 2019
  • Ken Morden

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