The Best Reasons To Have Art In Your Home (#2 In a series)

Autumn Cascade - glass art by Jerre Davidson

The Best Reasons For Art In Your Home

#2 in a series titled "Art Purchase and Enjoyment Guidelines”

Express Yourself

Most of us live in a world where uniformity, low cost and mass production means that it is difficult to express ourselves by what we wear, use or live in. Thousands if not millions of people own the same thing, wear the same thing, use the same thing. It is difficult to stand out from the crowd; it is difficult to even be ourselves without being compared to someone else.

However, there is one distinctive way for every one of us to express ourselves and to also enjoy what we have created - acquire original art and display it in your home.

Art You Love

Your home is “your place,” and that’s why decorating it to your liking is so important. You need to feel comfortable in your space! And, surrounding yourself with art you love will help you enjoy where you spend a majority of your time.

Whether it’s a memory or a feeling, a piece of art can evoke powerful emotions when we look at it. Art can cheer us up after a bad day, make us remember, or inspire us to do more in life. It can provide comfort that we are not the only ones feeling a certain way.

  • February 26, 2019
  • Ken Morden

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